YOUNG RESIDENCE (click for more info)

This is my home and personal space for exploration… It has been my hobby and  one of my passions (besides my beautiful wife and daughter of course) for the past three years. The goal was to purchase a run down piece of property in the city with good bones and renovate it in a tasteful contemporary way, while respecting some of the original details that make these city homes unique.  This all had to be completed  on a budget, yup….i don’t have a ton of cash, just work ethic, and a patient wife.   You can’t find quality construction in most new homes today, but you can find it inexpensively all around St. Louis City.  All these buildings need is a little love, and a team of people that know what their doing.  You see a lot of flippers doing work all around, its a shame what they do to these spaces.  They put the least amount of time and effort into them to make them look presentable enough for sale.

For more conceptual / design information, see the at HOME article link, and the Apartment Therapy Link stowed in the links tab on my home page.

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