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This is a dog home I designed for a local pet shelter auction.  The simple idea was to create a sustainable dog house that was also a interesting object you wouldn’t mind actually having in your back yard.  The form took shape from the fact I wanted it to collect and house water for its homeowner (didn’t just want a shed roof with a gutter).  It also needed to be paritally buried so the dog could keep warm utilizing the insulating characteristics of the ground. Finally, and most importantly, It needed to be made from sustainable materials, steel being one of the most.

For more conceptual / design  information see the links tab on my homepage and click the Zeitgeistutios office addition feature.

It pains me to say this only went for $65.  That compensates for about 1/15th of the time i put into it.  Oh well at least it made some money for the shelter!

Don’t really have a price in mind, but if you’d like one feel free to contact me and maybe we can work something out.

Hand made in St. Louis, Missouri



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